Brake Skimming


Brake skimming saves you time and money and financial pain! Every time you apply the brakes on your vehicle, the brake discs are exposed to friction forces which, over time, result in an effect called brake pulsation, caused by lateral run-out, or side to side movement of the brake disc as it rotates. In addition, the constant heating and cooling combined with certain driving styles and road surfaces lead to the breakdown of friction material, and the accumulation of dirt which distorts and scars the brake disc surface.
Station Garage Kintore Brake Skimming Services
No longer flat, smooth or straight, the discs have reduced braking efficiency. At Station Garage Kintore Ltd we use the revolutionary new Pro-Cut Rotor Matching System (RMS) to return the brake discs to their original flat state and combat the effects of brake pulsation.

The Pro-Cut Rotor Matching technology is the only patented brake skimming system for matching hubs to discs directly. By attaching to the vehicles hub, the disc is skimmed and resurfaced true to the hub’s axis. This means the discs are returned to the original manufacturer’s tolerances.

The perfect solution for the exacting specifications for modern vehicles, your car’s brakes, serviced with Pro-Cut’s Rotor Matching System will perform like new. Pro-Cut On-Car brake lathes exceed lateral run-out and finish standards set by major manufacturers.

Brake pulsation can occur quicker than expected, often in as little as 5000 miles on new brakes if your braking system is poorly fitted, repaired or maintained.

At Station Garage Kintore our professionally trained brake service technicians will conduct all braking system maintenance and fitting to the very highest standard available.

Using the patented RMS technology, your brake pads and discs will be in near perfect alignment, increasing your braking efficiency, and extending the natural life of your brakes, ultimately saving you time and money.

Call us today for more information and to get the benefits of this brake skimming technology on your vehicle.