Dealer level vehicle diagnostics

Dealer Level DiagnosticsWe are delighted to offer dealer level vehicle diagnostics from Bosch, VAG com, Snap On, and Autel at Station Garage Kintore. Vehicles now require a diagnostic tool for around 90 per cent of garage visits with some vehicles so complex they have more than 50 different ECUs!

We have a state of the art Bosch KTS system which our fully trained technicians love using as it allows to quickly diagnose and repair vehicles much faster than ever before, saving you money into the bargain!

We’re not naturally geeky here at Station Garage Kintore but we are passionate about improving the service we offer to all our customers and our Bosch system delivers big time. Don’t just take our word for it;

“When it comes to vehicle diagnostics, this tool does it all. Not only can you scan and diagnose error codes, you can access just about any information possible relative to the specific vehicle (circuit diagrams, maintenance schedules, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical connection diagrams, location of various system components, etc.). And, you can even quickly access any and all technical service bulletins that have been released by the automaker.

The KTS basically does everything for you expect grab a spanner and apply torque. With ease, you can perform in-depth diagnostics, perform resets, and reference a host of maintenance, service schedule, tech bulletins, component locations, troubleshooting guides and steps.

The database in the tool is mind boggling. As far as I can see so far, every vehicle with a diagnostic connection is included. This tool  operates so easily that it’s actually fun to use. It tells you everything about the vehicle at hand except what colour underwear the driver wore last Tuesday!”

(Mike Marvigian,

Come in and speak to the Station Garage geeks when you want the best vehicle diagnostics for your vehicle!