Diesel injector repairs

A damaged diesel fuel injector
A damaged diesel fuel injector

Diesel injector repairs are something we are all too familiar with at Station Garage Kintore.

A damaged injector might cause your vehicle to judder, misfire or stall when you are out on the road. And that’s when it’s time to get it checked into our workshop.
Quite often we have customers bring vehicles in where another garage has managed to diagnose an injector fault but have either been unable to remove it or have damaged it further.

We’re much more professional that that. Our technicians will remove your injector (even if it means carefully drilling it out) or we can remove it with our specialist hydraulic removal tool. We can also remove damaged injector clamp bolts, or injectors that have been welded onto. You’d be amazed at what we see in the workshop! We can also remove/repair snapped and seized glow plugs and we’ve been know to replace cylinder head injector sleeves!

It may be possible to clean and repair the injector but in many cases it may need to be replaced. We’ll always try and do it the most cost efficient and safest route.

If you think you need an injector specialist, you know where to come.