Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel injector cleaning is often overlooked but can bring so many benefits to your engine afterwards!

Years of driving, and specifically hard driving, can result in your engine becoming clogged up with a variety of pollutants, including carbon deposits, and debris that can be harmful to it’s smooth running. Ensuring your fuel system is kept clean is one of the most important factors in extending the life of your vehicle and ensures your car makes a healthier contribution to the environment!

But unless there are noticeable signs of clogged fuel injectors (such as a rough idle, stalling, poor acceleration or high emissions levels), it might not be necessary. At Station Garage Kintore we can quickly check and advise you if your car needs fuel injector cleaning. We believe that the key to your car’s longevity is to keep it as close to the way that it was when you bought it. (Unless you bought a poorly maintained car that we have had to bring back to life for you !)

A fuel system will be forced to work harder when the air and fuel flow are not operating at optimal levels and older cars that haven’t been properly maintained may find their catalytic converter’s contamination is preventing them from passing emissions testing and failing an MOT test.

We can flow test and ultrasonically clean your fuel injectors, not only to correct injector flow rate but also to restore top performance and economy.

So what gains can you expect from an a fuel injector cleaning service from Station Garage Kintore;

Improved fuel efficiency
Restoring your cars performance
Lower emissions
Smoother and more responsive acceleration

Why not bring you car in and let us check it over?