MOT Tests


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At Station Garage Kintore we are licensed to carry out MOT Tests on vehicle classes 1,2,4 and 7, which is motorcycles, cars and vans up to 3500 DGW.

The MOT test is a legal requirement for any vehicle registered in the UK which is more than three years old. An MOT certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of the test and is valid for one year until the next due testing date. A test can be taken up to one month before the due test date.

A valid MOT is also required to purchase a road vehicle license, or Road Tax. The test is carried out, using specialist equipment, by government approved MOT testing centres such as ourselves.

The MOT test examines the general condition and road worthiness of the vehicle. It is worth keeping in mind when buying a used vehicle that a MOT certificate is not necessarily an indication that the vehicle has been well maintained or is worth a certain value.

A range of items are examined in the test, many of which can be adequately checked by yourself before the test and should usually form part of regular maintenance on your vehicle. These include a check of all the lighting systems, seatbelts, horn, wiper blades and washers, mirrors, and registration plates.

The tread and condition of the tyres can also be checked as a matter of routine maintenance. The braking system, steering and suspension are also checked during the MOT as is the general condition of the vehicle and the exhaust, which includes an exhaust emissions report.

We are also well placed to carry out any automotive work required for successful completion of the test.