Tyre Pressure Fault Diag/Repair

At Station Garage Kintore our tyre pressure diagnostic and repair service might be a life saver.

When it comes to looking after your tyres, we believe it’s the most important regular check you should be doing on your vehicle.

Although having an on board TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) gives you piece of mind how many of you have just reset the light thinking it was probably a system error. It’s dangerous to ignore (or even worse, reset) the light if it appears on your dashboard. Nobody wants to have a blow out at motorway speeds in wet weather.
iSensor TPMS

Air keeps your tyres healthy. Driving for long with low tyre pressure – even 10 or 15% can weaken tyres. Low tyre pressure means too much of the tyre’s surface area touches the ground, which increases friction and will not only ruin your tyres but they also could overheat leading to tread separation — and a nasty accident. If your tyre pressure drops 6-7 psi the TPMS will warn you and you should get your tyres checked as soon as possible.

And if you book your vehicle in for an MOT with the warning light on it can mean an instant fail.

Station Garage Kintore has the diagnostic equipment to diagnose any genuine faults in the TPMS and replace and reprogram sensors on majority of vehicles.

So don’t take risks and dismiss that light, get it checked by one of our technicians now.